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WrapMail signs up American Airlines Center in Dallas

WrapMail announces today that it has entered into an agreement with Dallas based American Airlines Center, to provide person-to-person email marketing software. American Airlines Center is the home of the NBA
’s Dallas Mavericks, NHL’s Dallas Stars and AFL’s Dallas Desperados.

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Why don’t eBay PowerSellers promote their stores in their emails?

Well, they don’t because they haven’t heard about WrapMail yet! WrapMail is the only server-based interactive letterhead solution that would enable eBay PowerSellers to promote all items for sale with their regular external emails.

It’s quite simple, really: eBay PowerSellers have a store on eBay with all their products and they also send emails every day like we all do. WrapMail connects the two without anything to install anywhere – every email can now be wrapped showing items for sale and have these linked back to their eBay store.

The people we all email do not know everything our business has to offer so why not expose these people (friends, family, prospects and customers) to our entire portfolio of products and then drive them to our website by making the images clickable?

You’re going to send that email anyway, why not use it to feature your products and drive traffic to your eBay store?

Millions of emails From Faculty, Staff and Students to Brand the Educational Institution with Every External email Sent

Today WrapMail installs its software at Broward Community College (BCC), one of the largest Community Colleges in the US. This is a significant milestone for both WrapMail and BCC as it is the first internal installation in an educational facility and BCC is the first college to use WrapMail to brand the college with every external email sent by faculty staff and students.

David Armstrong, President of BCC, states in this Press Release “WrapMail will enable us to communicate our broad message and all the many things Broward Community College has to offer to a large group of people much more effectively and efficiently than any other electronic media solution out there.”

WrapMail will also be used to broadcast messages from the President internally and these will be in a Wrap specifically designed for internal purposes. BCC will be able to tailor Wraps based upon sender, recipient, time, subject and/or dynamic rotation. The WrapMail system will be hosted in BCC’s datacenter and all external emails will pass through the WrapServer for wrapping before final delivery.

What would a college “sell”? Most people do not look at educational institutions as businesses, ironically most of them teach business! Colleges sell a lot of different items, the obvious one being education but other items might be school material such as books and computers, clothing and paraphernalia, credit cards and calling cards just to name a few. In addition, most schools have Foundations where they raise money and obviously Wraps can be used to promote giving to the foundation or inform about upcoming events.

The bottom line for BCC is that approximately 100,000 emails are sent every day anyway, WrapMail turns these into 100,000 impressions of the BCC brand or about 2 million per month. Recipients that get these emails can click on the pictures and with the average click-through being around 10% in the WrapMail system that could bring 200,000 new visitors to the various parts of BCC’s website every month. This is Business 101, more people on the website (read: store), more sales.

Political branding & research – why not use the regular email?

It is always important to be targeted when reaching out to ones audience and this is obviously very true for politicians running for office. There are many ways to research what the “target market” or voters in this case, is interested in; what issues are the most important.

The staff of the various political campaigns sends a lot of emails just like most organizations and these emails can be tools to find out what issues indeed are on the top of people’s minds using the unique WrapMail technology.

WrapMail is the invisible wrap to the sender that becomes visible to the recipient – the wrap will surround the text the sender wrote and contains images and links delivering recipients to various parts of the senders website.

For political purposes these wraps could also contain research questions such as: “What is the single most important issue for you in this election?” Each answer can have an embedded link so when clicked the recipient is taken to a website with more information as far as where the candidate stands on the issue. The WrapMail interactive letterhead turns into a research tool as recipients click; each click is recorded and immediate ranking lists can be viewed showing the different levels of interest between the issues.

The bottom line is that these emails are sent every day anyway and they go to an audience that knows the sender or the sender’s organization. Why not use them to brand the candidate and also find out what people are really focused on when they make their selections.

In the upcoming presidential election, if 90% of the recipients click to say that the economy is the single most important issue and 1% click to say that immigration is most important the candidate would of course focus on the economy.

WrapMail is all about the person-to-person emails, NOT email blasts – why not wrap these and brand the organization, promote the candidate and gather research all with every regular external email sent?

The “New” eMail Marketing

There are now two “general” types of email marketing tactics available to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Below is a short summary of both types:

The “old” way”: these are what we refer to as campaign or newsletter providers. The Constant Contacts and Exact Targets of the world. They provide a service where users can upload a list and “broadcast” their marketing message to that list. These are often email blasts consisting of promotional offers or newsletters, or both. In many cases, these messages come from an email address that the recipient cannot reply to. Further and most importantly, these messages almost ALWAYS appear in your inbox with a RED X where the images are supposed to be. Why? These images are hosted offline and the requested action to “download images” is the only way they can track if the email was opened.

The “new” way: WrapMail on the other hand focuses on the everyday external email traffic from every employee within an organization and “wraps” those messages with a graphically enhanced border that is linked back to the corporate website. The WrapMail technology embeds the images in the email so there are NEVER any RED Xs when wrapped emails are received. The WrapMail solution focuses on emails that are being sent between people that know each other or are expecting to receive the email. Therefore, these emails have a 100% open rate. Further, data shows that roughly 10% of all wrapped emails are clicked upon, which means website traffic increases by that same factor. The WrapMail solution can be looked at as quality vs. quantity. You can broadcast your corporate marketing message to a massive list or narrowcast your message with every external corporate email.

Dave Kustin – EVP, Marketing

WrapMail is Perfect for Sports Teams

There are plenty of advantages for using WrapMail, that much is clear.  At this point, however, you’re probably wanting some instant, awesome, and concrete examples of someone that could really benefit from this product.  Well tis the season, because I have a perfect example:  Sports Teams.

Here, straight from the CEO’s mouth, are some amazing, informative ways professional sports teams can clearly benefit from WrapMail:

There are many ways WrapMail will help you grow your Professional Sports Team business with minimum effort, just taking advantage of all communications that your employees send every day:

•    Promote the Team, the players, the stadium and the games
•    Promote Season Tickets and regular tickets – emails to existing ticket holders would receive a Wrap where they can sign up for next season
•    Promote Paraphernalia (apparel, housewares, novelty items, etc)
•    Promote new items in every email response that goes out to customers who buy online (order confirmation, shipping notification etc)
•    Gift Cards
•    Drawings and contests can be part of a Wrap, encouraging recipients to click to be entered into a contest (they could be encouraged through the contest entry click to take part in a survey that might ask “Who’s your favorite player?”)
•    If the e-mail recipient is head of the household, you might want to send a Wrap oriented toward family members.
•    Coupons can be part of the Wrap and they can be interactive
•    Pro Bowl Voting (just one click and the vote is recorded)
•    Promote other events at the Stadium
•    Include ads for Sponsors in the Wrap and turn WrapMail into a revenue generator

Spam filters are obsolete

SPAM or Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) is a common inconvenience for e-mail users. UBE-filters are supposed to catch problematic messages that the filter believes is unwanted for the end user. It would be an equivalent to having someone go through all your snail mail and then decide what you should get and what should go directly to trash. The UBE filters look for many different things such as key words, pictures, links and the combination thereof. The main problem with UBE is impersonation and the best solution on the market today is something called SPF (Sender Policy Framework), also known as Sender ID. SPF is a statement that resides in the domain record and ONLY the administrator of a domain can alter this statement, spammers can NOT! All leading UBE-filters look for the SPF statement and more and more emails are being deleted based upon the lack of such a statement.

The UBE-filters normally have a setting to detect the SPF but if this is not turned on then emails with, for example, a logo in the signature or several links in the text might get deleted or sent to UBE folder even though the sender is known and accepted to/by the recipient.

SPF is CRUCIAL for everyone in the immediate future as the lack thereof will lead to more and more emails NOT being delivered to the intended recipient and this WITHOUT notice to the sender! The bottom line is that nothing is perfect and nobody should trust mail or email 100% and it is therefore just plain common sense to follow up on important emails (actually a good reason to touch base is to ask ”did you get my email?”)

The world is moving towards more pictures and links in emails and thus it becomes of the utmost importance to ”authorize” the sender which the SPF statement does. 90+% of all spam is impersonation, easily detected by verifying the sender. Furthermore most spam today does NOT contain pictures but just text.

If we only verified that the sender is authentic then why have any filters that look for anything else? If an authentic sender starts sending junk then the human recipient can easily put the sender on their junk list as opposed to leaving that decision to a filter that works off faulty logic.

WrapMail’s email delivery assurance system

WrapMail has a system to secure delivery of all emails. When someone receives a wrapped email for the very first time this system also sends a text-only duplicate of the email. This is to counteract those email filters that simply ignore sender verification but looks for images and/or links and judges the email to be spam or junk based on this. The text-only copy arrives just like any other non-enhanced email and will have the following two lines on the bottom:



The words “HERE” will be linked and a click on the first “HERE” results in no more duplicates while a click on the second “HERE” results in this user being added to a recipient exclusion list and will receive text-only emails in the future. If the recipient does not click on either “HERE” nor clicks on the WrapMail client’s wrap then the system will keep sending duplicates until one of these actions is taken.

WrapMail helps find missing kids – the new milk carton

Unfortunately people, especially children, go missing every day. There are a great number of methods in place to help find the missing BUT one very obvious method is totally ignored, not to say impossible until WrapMail developed its technology: email. Not email-blasts BUT using the emails people send every day anyway (one-on-one emails)!

Corporate and Government employees send emails every day, these emails go to the public, businesses and government agencies but when they arrive they are plain black on white.

Each of these emails could have a Wrap surrounding the email that in addition to information and links to the respective websites also could feature pictures of missing adults and/or children. WrapMail, Inc.’s technology allows for dynamic rotation of content so that every single email that is sent out could feature new missing kids so that every single one is exposed to the receiving audience. There are already RSS feeds with data on missing kids that can be incorporated into a wrapped email. This is the milk carton of the 21st Century! All emails that leave WrapMail, Inc. have an amber alert on the bottom, currently linking to missing children in Florida where WrapMail is headquartered. This RSS feed comes from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

These pictures could have embedded hyperlinks that lead to pages with more details (such as more pictures, last seen, clothes worn, last seen with etc).

There are about 50 billion emails sent every day; one-on-one emails that is, every one of them could be looking for missing children.

The bottom line is that these emails are sent every day anyway – why not use them for something good? WrapMail offers their solution for free for approved organizations as they, like everyone else, send external emails every day. WrapMail offers its clients the ability to incorporate this feature for free, either with just an amber alert or a rotation of missing people with every outbound email.

WrapMail also offers a free solution where users can set up a free email account and then build their own wrap with pictures and links.

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WrapMail Compatible: Apple iPhone, Blackberry Bold & Many More

Got an iPhone? If you’re like, well, MILLIONS of Americans at this point, you do, or know someone that does. Not on Cingular and you’re more of a Blackberry fan? That’s just fine too; lucky for you, me, and just about everyone else, WrapMail is completely compatible with not only the iPhone, Blackberry Bold and a whole slew of new phones coming out from Nokia, but any email-capable phone can Send wrapped emails. The previously mentioned ones go a step further…they can receive them as well.

That’s right, the iPhone, Blackberry Bold and other new phones launching soon can actually receive wrapped emails, complete with clickable links and launchable browser pages!

The world is changing folks, that much is clear. We’re getting more mobile, more active, and further away from traditional desktop computers. Heck, we’re even getting further away from laptop computers as devices are being made more powerful, more compact, and more feature rich. It is amazing to be right ahead of that curve.

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