The regular email could drive additional business and potentially be a new revenue stream

Banner ads are common on a majority of websites and advertisers pay typically a set amount based upon every thousand impressions/views (CPM = Cost per thousand).

How about advertising in the regular outbound email? Sure Google, Yahoo, hotmail et al advertise for themselves in all the emails users send but there’s another opportunity that seems to have been missed by most: Advertise for your own company in the employee’s outbound emails AND potentially advertise for a 3rd party and charge the 3rd party a CPM rate (or click-rate).

Example 1: A major airline could use a service called WrapMail and then have every email sent by employees go out with an interactive letterhead that brands the airline and links back to various portions of the website. Then the airline could go to major hotels, rental car companies and travel insurance businesses and solicit advertising for these businesses to be featured in these person-to-person emails. What would it be worth to a major rental car company to be featured in every email that leaves an airline employees desk? It’s probably worth more than a banner ad on a random website – these are all person-to-person emails, could be from the CEO or secretary BUT always to someone they know! CPM rate could easily be over $5.00. Do the math: 10,000 employees will send about 50K external emails per day for 20 days each month, that’s 1M emails. CPM of $5 would mean revenue from ONE advertiser of $50,000.

Example 2: A major College signs up for WrapMail and wraps all emails from faculty, staff AND students. The college goes to a 3rd party such as Apple and negotiates a deal where Apple pays $5 CPM. Let’s assume the college is of average size and has 2,000 faculty and staff and 23,000 student email users. The total is 25,000 email users that will send about 2.5M emails in a month – this could give the college additional revenue from ONE advertiser (such as Apple) of $150K every month!

In both examples above the potential revenue could be significantly higher should the company grant an exclusive to a 3rd party advertiser.

WrapMail makes this possible and has actually coined the term CPW (Cost per Wrap) – why not use the employee email to advertise YOUR business and if applicable turn around and make it a revenue generator.


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WrapMail helps companies “wrap” already existing email traffic that leaves from employees every day. All of these emails go to a captive audience (Vendors, Customers, Prospects and Friends/Family) but they do not promote the senders business…. Learn More

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