Turning Distractions Into Attractions

If your inbox is anything like mine several times a week you get emails that start out:

I know not all of you are women that I am sending this to but I’m hoping you will share this with your  wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, etc


THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW.  READ ON. Gas rationing in the 70’s worked even though we grumbled about it.  It might even have been good for us!


And typically end:

 Again, all you have to do is forward this message to 10 people. How long would that really take you?  If each of us sends this e-mail out to ten more people, within one day all 300 MILLION people could theoretically be contacted during the next eight days! 


They are called forwards and I’d say I get about 20-30 different versions of this form of viral email a week. Some are entertaining, some are informative, and some promise to send me money by simply passing the email on to five of my closest friends. No matter the subject, the majority of forwards I receive have one thing is common….they are being sent by people I know. Relatives who want to share a laugh, friends who are trying to waste time at work, and even business contacts who consider it a way of developing our relationship by including me in their circle of friends.


What used to be a huge waste of time and company resources though is now a new way to attract potential customers thanks to WrapMail. As you know WrapMail is basically a letterhead that wraps around all out going emails and provides numerous details about the sender. WrapMails are easily designed and can be custom fit to include promotions, product info, or even links to various departments within a company. However what you may not know is that when an employee sends out a forward to their twenty closest friends Wrapmail goes along for the ride!!! Instead of an employee costing the company money by emailing silly jokes all day, what you now get is a way to reach hundreds and thousands of potential customers with one click of a mouse. After all what’s the first thing somebody does when they receive a forward? They pass it on! Soon the email has been sent all across the world and with each new recipient comes another person who is exposed to your info as they scroll down to the bottom of the message. Thus creating a viral loop that continuously brings people to your company! How’s that for creating buzz!!


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