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Email Marketing – New Look

“You can always identify the pioneers; they are the ones with arrows in their backs.”

Ouch…there goes another arrow. WrapMail has definitely taken on the role of pioneer since its launch in January of 2006 in the world of email marketing. We are redefining how organizations use their ‘everyday’ emails to drive new sales, gain market research and even create new streams of revenue.  This past week I received the two emails below which demonstrate email marketing the ‘old way.’



Borders - The Old Way

Pier 1

Pier1 - The Old Way

Don’t those look great?  Don’t they make you want to click all over those emails with those attractive images?  Wait, what’s that?  What images you say.  Exactly. Now, take a look at how a wrapped email using our technology shows up…every time.



We connect two dots: the corporate website and email.  And we do it without installing anything on any desktop so we’re compatible with all email clients including cell phones. The above is the result.  Email marketing is moving in a new direction and it includes having (embedded) HTML within emails.  Why? Well, you be the judge.  Which image would you be more inclined to click? The one with empty boxes and red Xs, or the one with images and product shots/offers.  The wrapped example is based on a personal email – not a blast, which does not come from “do-not-reply” but rather from someone you know. 

To me, the best part is the sentence at the top of the two mass emails which say “Are you having trouble viewing this email?”  I would say a resounding yes.

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

Catching More Bad Guys

We have written about the potential power of WrapMail in the effort to find missing children and have even garnered some press in the process. As a quick summary, we feature an Amber Alert as an RSS feed in all emails, sent by our employees, from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. We also make this feature available for all of our clients.

Our belief is that the same premise could be applied to catching “bad guys.” There are millions of people working in law enforcement around the country which equates to hundreds of thousands of external emails being sent on a daily basis.  These emails could feature an RSS feed and/or a picture of wanted persons.  This could be done on a national and/or local level.  In other words, say there is a person wanted for rape in Broward County, the 6,300 employees of the Broward Sheriff’s office would be able to have the ‘bad guy’ featured in their Wrap.  If each employee sent just one external email in a day, that would mean 6,300 new people would be informed and could help in the search.  I think the odds of finding this person would increase exponentially. These pictures could have embedded hyperlinks that lead to pages with more details (such as more pictures, last seen, clothes worn, last seen with etc). We could even hook up with America’s Most Wanted and feed their data into millions of emails.

There are millions of emails sent every day, one-on-one emails from law enforcement, every one of them could be looking for ‘the bad guys.’ The bottom line is that these emails are sent every day anyway – why not use them for something good? We offer our solution for free to approved organizations as they, like everyone else, send external emails every day. 

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

Millions of Unused Ad Impressions

The element that makes our web based product so interesting is the fact that we can “push” advertising out within emails.  No other web based email system currently does this.  Yes, there are advertisements where you manage your folders, but that is where it begins and ends.  If Yahoo or Gmail or Hotmail, for instance, had our technology, they would, in effect, increase their number of “sellable” impressions by a factor of whatever their daily email traffic is.  Whatever that number is, it’s a lot.

As mentioned in a previous post, WrapMail is currently evaluating relationships with a number of colleges and universities with the goal of 1) creating a “college advertising” network using student email traffic as the vehicle, and 2) creating a model where WrapMail shares the revenue with participating colleges/universities.  

Big Picture: create a network where not only “tier 1” advertisers like Apple, Dell and Verizon could reach the very important college demographic, but also a network where local advertisers can serve their own ads.  Yes, Johnny’s Pizza in College Town USA could log into the portal and upload an ad that would appear in local emails of college students. He could control the ad, choose what to spend and check the response.  Pretty cool.

Look at this example of a possible scenario.  Dave emails Joe about the big game and within that email is an ad for Dell.


Tier 1 Advertiser - example

Tier 1 Advertiser - example

Here is an example featuring local businesses.


Local Businesses - example

Local Business Advertiser - example

This is new ground in the world of advertising, but such an obvious way to generate impressions. Wrap it up!


Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

WrapMail Launches on Facebook Part I

WrapMail has launched its free personal version on Facebook today.  Users now have the ability to send and receive wrapped emails from their Facebook profile. Check out the screen shots below:

View of Inbox

View of Inbox

View of Message

View of Message

Here are some of the really cool things you can do with the Personal version:

Social Network Wrap – use content/images from your social network profile and then link to these pages (myspace, youtube, facebook, flickr, etc..).
For Sale Wrap – if you have items for sale then put pictures of them in your Wrap and link that picture to your online listing (eBay, Craigslist or other).
School Wrap – create a Wrap with your school colors and link to the website.
Job Wrap – looking for a job; create a Wrap with information about your background, links to previous employers, education, etc..
Date Wrap – upload your best pictures and link to whetever you want, if you use an online dating service link to it.
Party/Invitation Wrap – having a party? Make a Wrap about it – pictures and links (link to where the party is at, a map etc).
Wrap Greeting Card – make a special Wrap for any special occasion – your pictures and your links.

Go to to create your free account, then click the link HERE to add the application to your Facebook profile. Check back tomorrow for more on this…

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

Calling All College Presidents

We have a new idea that we want to present to every college in the US. The crux of the idea is to give Colleges & Universities a new way to generate revenue with a very, very small investment to do so. WrapMail is a software firm that has a wholly unique concept built on two very basic realities:

1.      Organizations have websites.

2.      Employees and students send external emails every day.

We connect these two dots without installing anything on any desktop, thus:

1.      Turning every email into a promotional piece for the school

2.      Turn every employee and student into a marketer.

Now to the subject:

Schools are always in the need of funding, especially public schools which get funding through taxation.  Here is a case study to make the point of how these schools could require less funding by making money in an obvious way.

Broward College is a client of WrapMail and has about 2,000 faculty and staff and about 150,000 student email accounts. Lets assume that everyone sends 2 external emails per day which would equal about 300,000 daily emails leading to a minimum of 300,000 impressions of the wrap that advertises the school, its programs, foundation etc..(emails are viral and often get forwarded which is what would bring the number of impressions up).

The idea:

Allocate a portion of the Wrap for an advertisement by a 3rd party, Apple or DELL for example.
Looking at various internet advertising models and also considering that an email between two people that know each other pretty much guarantees 100% viewer-ship of the ad (sort of a front page ad in a newspaper and knowing that every single subscriber will indeed look at it, maybe not today but at some point they will read the email from the person they know) we believe a realistic ad rate would be 5 cents per impression or $5 minimum per click.
Sticking with 5 cents per impression the yearly ad revenue from this one ad would be: 300K emails x 250 days x 5 cents = $3,750,000 which probably is a small drop in Apple’s or DELL’s ad budget. $3,750.000 for 75M+ impressions that is. Let’s add that emails are sticky, i.e. they stay in peoples inboxes opposed to other advertising mediums that typically are discarded or expire after the initial run/delivery.
The New York Times Sunday edition has a circulation of about 1.7M so one could compare this to a front page ad around the front page text 44 Sundays in a row.

Our proposal:

Provide the WrapMail service for FREE to the schools and also let the schools share in the advertising revenue.   All advertisers would be approved by the schools and conflicting relationships would be avoided as well (i.e. Pepsi school = no Coke advertising).  

This is completely new ground and would generate a lot of buzz but also significant new revenue.  And with the economy the way it is, I imagine schools could use it. 

If there are any college presidents that would like to discuss how to generate new revenue for their college, with little cost to do so, please call me at 954-376-4750.  

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

The Shirt List

Not to be confused with the “Short List” or “Bucket List” or even “Sh-t List.”  In due time this list will be accompanied by a full explanation. Many of the names have been changed/coded in order to protect the innocent:

  1. Scott
  2. Bob
  3. Pat
  4. Jack
  5. Steve
  6. Seth
  7. Justin
  8. Lars
  9. Michael 
  10. Wayne
  11. Christine
  12. Jorge
  13. Shana
  14. Jimmy
  15. Mark
  16. James
  17. Christa
  18. Marty
  19. Christian
  20. Gary

Letter to Governor Charlie Crist


I read in the Sun Sentinel on almost a daily basis how more funding is needed for the public school system and believe that I have an “outside the box” solution. I have always been an entrepreneur of sorts and as such look for alternative ways to make money. When I look at government anywhere in the world then the mentality is pretty one of “taking money” – read: tax. I would love somebody in Government to look at the other side of the equation: make money. All government institutions have opportunities to make money, some in more obvious ways than others and deploying such new ideas combined with more efficiency could result in lower taxes, better schools and happier people.

You notice how this email is “wrapped” in an interactive letterhead which consist of images with embedded links to various portions of our website. WrapMail currently performs this service for Broward College and every email sent from faculty or staff brands the college, promotes the many different educational programs, the foundation etc and links back to various portions of BC’s website. The basic principle behind WrapMail (which has been developed in-house in our Fort Lauderdale headquarter) is to connect two obvious dots: organizations have websites and employees that send emails. WrapMail turns every email into a branding tool for the organization, drives people to the website AND turns into a research tool as the system matches up sender and receiver when a link is clicked (telling our clients who is interested in what and when). WrapMail is server based so nothing is installed on any desktop or cell phone, i.e. senders have no new routines to learn.

Here’s where I’d like to connect the opening statement and the quick overview of WrapMail and Broward College:

BC has about 2,000 faculty and staff, in addition they have close to 150,000 student email accounts.

The NEW idea: Solicit advertising from major corporations to be in the BC wrap. Imagine what it would be worth to say, Apple, to be featured in every external email sent from We believe it is worth about $5.00 per click or 5 cents per impression. The reason these ads are worth much more than banner ads is the fact that they appear in an email between people that know each other. WrapMail is not a mass email system, it is all about using the emails employees send every day anyway – why not use these to promote your own organization. Another potential advertiser in the BC wrap is also very obvious: The State of Florida.

The numbers:

BC sends about 200,000 emails daily
5 cents per impression of one advertisement: $10,000 daily “revenue” or $2.5M per year (and that’s only for one advertisement).
Even with some hefty discounts this could become a major funding source for Broward College.

Imagine rolling this program out to all public educational institutions in Florida.

WrapMail would be willing to provide the technology for free against sharing the advertising revenue.

There’s more: you will notice on the bottom of this email that there’s an amber alert for a Florida missing child. We feed these alerts automatically into all of our emails to increase the impressions of missing kids in the hope that more visibility increases the chances of finding them.

The bottom line is that I wanted to make you aware of our little technology company down here in Fort Lauderdale and how this technology combined with some outside the box thinking could provide great opportunities for the entire State.

I would love to discuss this in more detail so feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you

Rolv E. Heggenhougen, CEO
305 S. Andrews Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
US Office: (954)-376-4750

What We Do – A Refresher

There are two elements that make what we do relevant and possible.  First, companies have employees that send emails and second, companies have a website.  WrapMail simply and seamlesly connects these two things.  Some facts:

  • Companies have employees in all types of roles sending external emails all day, on the average of about 10 per day – now, multiply the number of employees (that send emails) in an organization by 10, then by 20 (working days in a month) and you will have the number of impressions that a company is missing out on.
  • Without WrapMail, employees are sending plain text emails that do not do ANYTHING in terms of communicating information about the senders company – most organizations, even non-profits, are in the business of making money, on some level. At the end of the day, the cash register needs to ring and the main way to do that is to communicate what your company has to offer to an existing or new audience.  Hard to do that with a plain text email.
  • In the business world, when you meet someone or engage in a sales activity, you give them your business card or corporate collateral. Both of which are “analog” and are typically updated infrequently – the business of corporate collateral is a big one. Business cards, brochures, folders, buck slips, letterhead, etc…why not extend that to email? Technology allows for it, so why not do it? And beyond that, WrapMail is “digital” meaning that it can be updated frequently and can capture data.  If a brochure winds up on someones desks and is read the sender would never know.  If a wrapped email is clicked on the sender will know inside of a minute.
  • Organizations are often in a rush to get new products or services on their website – that does not mean that “everyone” is checking the site for new stuff.  With WrapMail you can push your products and services out with every email to your audience and often emails go viral so you will reach a new audience.
  • The sales force in most organizations is small in comparison the entire staff – WrapMail makes every employee a part of the sales staff.  With every external email they send, they contribute the the sales effort.  Implementing WrapMail is like adding an army of sales people to the staff.  Think you’ll sell more stuff?

Lastly, 10% of the people you email will click on your Wrap and wind up on your site looking at all the new products and services you were in a mad rush to get on there…Wrap it up!

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail 

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