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Calling All College Presidents

We have a new idea that we want to present to every college in the US. The crux of the idea is to give Colleges & Universities a new way to generate revenue with a very, very small investment to do so. WrapMail is a software firm that has a wholly unique concept built on two very basic realities:

1.      Organizations have websites.

2.      Employees and students send external emails every day.

We connect these two dots without installing anything on any desktop, thus:

1.      Turning every email into a promotional piece for the school

2.      Turn every employee and student into a marketer.

Now to the subject:

Schools are always in the need of funding, especially public schools which get funding through taxation.  Here is a case study to make the point of how these schools could require less funding by making money in an obvious way.

Broward College is a client of WrapMail and has about 2,000 faculty and staff and about 150,000 student email accounts. Lets assume that everyone sends 2 external emails per day which would equal about 300,000 daily emails leading to a minimum of 300,000 impressions of the wrap that advertises the school, its programs, foundation etc..(emails are viral and often get forwarded which is what would bring the number of impressions up).

The idea:

Allocate a portion of the Wrap for an advertisement by a 3rd party, Apple or DELL for example.
Looking at various internet advertising models and also considering that an email between two people that know each other pretty much guarantees 100% viewer-ship of the ad (sort of a front page ad in a newspaper and knowing that every single subscriber will indeed look at it, maybe not today but at some point they will read the email from the person they know) we believe a realistic ad rate would be 5 cents per impression or $5 minimum per click.
Sticking with 5 cents per impression the yearly ad revenue from this one ad would be: 300K emails x 250 days x 5 cents = $3,750,000 which probably is a small drop in Apple’s or DELL’s ad budget. $3,750.000 for 75M+ impressions that is. Let’s add that emails are sticky, i.e. they stay in peoples inboxes opposed to other advertising mediums that typically are discarded or expire after the initial run/delivery.
The New York Times Sunday edition has a circulation of about 1.7M so one could compare this to a front page ad around the front page text 44 Sundays in a row.

Our proposal:

Provide the WrapMail service for FREE to the schools and also let the schools share in the advertising revenue.   All advertisers would be approved by the schools and conflicting relationships would be avoided as well (i.e. Pepsi school = no Coke advertising).  

This is completely new ground and would generate a lot of buzz but also significant new revenue.  And with the economy the way it is, I imagine schools could use it. 

If there are any college presidents that would like to discuss how to generate new revenue for their college, with little cost to do so, please call me at 954-376-4750.  

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

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