WrapMail defines 3 specific markets for online eBranding

WrapMail, Inc. who’s business is to “wrap” external emails sent by employees, individual professionals and students every day in an interactive letterhead is focused on 3 market segments where there’s currently no comparable solution available. WrapMail “wraps” the external email AFTER it has left the sender thus being compatible with any device capable of sending an email. This also results in senders not having to change their routines, they do not even see the wrap. The wraps are clickable and all of WrapMail’s solutions have click-tracking and report generators including instant click alerts delivered via email or sms.

The 3 market-segments, cost-structure and market size:

WrapMail Business©:

Solution wraps external email in clients own branding. Solution includes WrapMaker and Report Generator in back office – Customer Control Panel. Requires the client to have their own domain and send emails from an email client (such as Outlook, Notes, Thunderbird, Mac Mail or Entourage, iPhone, Blackberry etc).

Solution is offered as either shared hosting – WrapMail PRO or dedicated hosting – WrapMail ENTERPRISE (the latter requiring installation at client’s data center on client’s hardware where the first routes all emails through WrapMail’s hosting facility).

Pricing: $5 per user (email sender) per month + one-time activation (and installation charge if on dedicated server).

World market: 1 billion corporate email accounts, $60b residual annual market.


WrapMail EDU©:

Solution wraps student emails. Solution is offered free of charge to colleges and universities. WrapMail will insert 3rd party approved advertising in up to 25% of the wrap. WrapMail further will offer a 25% revenue share with the educational institutions.

Students will have the ability to customize parts of the wraps with their image, text and links to sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter etc.

(This solution will also be tested towards Government; WrapMail GOV, same principles).

Estimated advertising revenue: $0.05 per email total (5 ads @ $10 CPM)

US Market: 18M students sending an average of 2 emails per day – 36M emails x 5 cents ad revenue per email = $ 657M residual annual market


WrapMail Lite©:

Web-based email system comparable to solutions offered by Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail etc but with a Wrap facility as the differentiator. Prefabricated templates that are available for the specific networks (MLM, eBay, Real Estate etc) where users customize with their image, text and unique links.

Pricing: $4.95 per month or $49.50 per year

Market size:

MLM: 50M Network marketers worldwide (estimated) x $49.50 = $2.5b residual annual market

Real estate agents: 5M agents worldwide (estimated) x $49.50= $250M residual annual market

eBay Powersellers: 1M x $49.50 = $50M residual annual market


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WrapMail helps companies “wrap” already existing email traffic that leaves from employees every day. All of these emails go to a captive audience (Vendors, Customers, Prospects and Friends/Family) but they do not promote the senders business…. Learn More

Why WrapMail?

• Make every employee a marketer

• Professional appearance

• Brand with every email

• Profiling & tracking

• Introduce new products and services

• Cross promote and up-sell

• Increase traffic to your website

• Instant surveys

• Ability to include 3rd party advertising

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