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Launch of WrapMail Lite for MLM, Network Marketing and other independent professionals

WrapMail has just launched WrapMail Lite. The offering is quite simple:

A complete web-based email system where users when they sign up pick their affiliation, type in their unique URL and pay either monthly ($4.95) or annually ($49.50). Templates are already in the system for YTB, Intelatrader and Dubai MLM – within 2 weeks there will be templates for the 25 most popular MLM’s. The templates can be personalized with the distributors image and two lines of text (name and number for example). The wrap that will surround every email sent will already contain the users unique link (embedded to avoid the RED X) so that they are credited if someone clicks and becomes a new rep or customer.

Shop to Earn wrap example

Shop to Earn wrap example

The system comes with both “Instant Click Alert” – this is an email telling the user who just clicked on the users wrap, real time. These clicks also get accumulated in a click report sortable my dates.

The economic times have Networking Marketing grwing very rapidly as many look for alternative revenue streams. WrapMail Lite offers a solution that markets the MLM and the user’s specific link(s) with every email they send.

Network Marketing Groups that WrapMail will have templates from within about 2 weeks:

1. Herbalife 10. Melaleuca 19. Tastefully Simple
2. Mary Kay 11. Party Lite 20. Nuskin
3. Amway 12. Longaberger (tie) 21. Ameriplan
4. Arbonne 12. Mia Bella (Scent Sations)
5. Pampered Chef 12. Amsoil (tie) 23. Southern Living at Home
6. Quixtar 15. Stampin Up 24. Passion Parties
7. Xango (tie) 16. Prepaid Legal 25. Eniva
7. USANA (tie) 17.Shaklee 26. FreeLife
9. Creative Memories 18. Isagenix

#1 on TechCrunch for 6 Months

That is correct.  WrapMail has had the #1 ranked pitch on TechCrunch since June of 2008 with 1,166 ‘up’ votes. Second place?  Smug Mug, a 6 year old company with 346 ‘up’ votes. There’s not much else to say when you’re #1…so as they say “lets go to the tape”…

pitchDave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

Latest Email Research – Validation!!

A study just released this week from Forrester Research shows that:

 “emails between people that know each other is the most trusted source of information.”

This research, interestingly, came out in a study focused on the concept of trust and blogs, with focus on the fact that most people do not trust the information on corporate blogs.  You can read more here:

Here are some of the findings:


So, what does this mean to you and maybe more importantly to WrapMail?  Well, first of all, and most importantly, the respondents thought that corporate blogs ceased being what they used to be a number of years ago and that is, an open book of sorts or a conversation from corporation to customer.  Most corporate blogs today are an outlet for companies to shout about how great their products are services are.  We have tried to take a position on marketing issues while still being fair, and have tried to be open about our corporate news and products/services.  In other words, we have tried to deliver value here.

So, what it means for WrapMail is, total and complete validation of our business concept. What is means for you is that WrapMail is the source or tool for you to take advantage of the FACT that your email to someone you know is the most trusted form to deliver information about your company. Period.  We are working even harder now to capitalize on this opportunity.

Wrap on…

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

Response Rates & The Crunchies

Typical response rates for direct mail campaigns are 1% and typical response rates for an email campaign is around 2%.  Yes, some email campaigns may get a huge response in double digits, but that is the exception, not the rule.  

WrapMail on the other hand, consistently delivers a near 10% response rate.  Our internal data shows that our customers experience a response rate of somewhere between 5% and 10% – with the mode being around 8%.  Think about it, you can garner a significant response from your existing customers and prospects by wrapping all of the emails that your employees are going to send anyway.  Doesn’t it stand to reason that a percentage of those that respond will turn into new business.

In other news, please vote for us for a Crunchie!!  These are awards that are hosted by TechCrunch, and you can vote by clicking the image below.  Don’t you think technology that blows away all existing results for email response rates would be considered innovative? We do.  Thank you for your support and vote!

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

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