Latest Email Research – Validation!!

A study just released this week from Forrester Research shows that:

 “emails between people that know each other is the most trusted source of information.”

This research, interestingly, came out in a study focused on the concept of trust and blogs, with focus on the fact that most people do not trust the information on corporate blogs.  You can read more here:

Here are some of the findings:


So, what does this mean to you and maybe more importantly to WrapMail?  Well, first of all, and most importantly, the respondents thought that corporate blogs ceased being what they used to be a number of years ago and that is, an open book of sorts or a conversation from corporation to customer.  Most corporate blogs today are an outlet for companies to shout about how great their products are services are.  We have tried to take a position on marketing issues while still being fair, and have tried to be open about our corporate news and products/services.  In other words, we have tried to deliver value here.

So, what it means for WrapMail is, total and complete validation of our business concept. What is means for you is that WrapMail is the source or tool for you to take advantage of the FACT that your email to someone you know is the most trusted form to deliver information about your company. Period.  We are working even harder now to capitalize on this opportunity.

Wrap on…

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

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