The largest undiscovered Internet Adverting Venue, a different approach to email marketing

What would be the largest Internet Advertising Venue available? The answer is EMAIL. There are about 300 billion emails sent every day of which 90% is mass email. That leaves 30 billion daily emails that are one-on-one, emails between people that have some sort of relationship be it business or personal.

Take a large corporation with 10,000 employees that each send 10 emails a day, that is 100,000 MISSED opportunities to brand, market and/or sell every day or 2,500,000 missed impressions per week!

You have a website and you are sending the email anyway, why do you not promote your company at the same time?

“I am so tired of advertising” you say. Well, so am I. I would love to watch the news with no ads but I do understand that this is the way the broadcasters make money.  Advertising is among the very few growing business areas in the US.

So, this is where WRAPmail, Inc. (stock symbol: WRAP) comes into play. As opposed to just about all email marketing companies we decided to start in the other end: people’s regular emails. Why? Because we believe these emails go to people you know and then of course would read your email. They then cannot avoid seeing the interactive letterhead (WRAP) that surrounds the email so the viewership of your own branding would be 100% (actually more as some emails are bound to be forwarded).

We also took a look at the market-potential and with 30 billion emails every day that market is extremely large. Compare the number to about 3 billion searched on Google daily and we are looking at a marketplace 10 times that size and, we know how Google makes money and how successful they are.

WRAPmail have two main models: FREE and FEE. The FREE solution does have 3rd party advertising BUT we share up to 25% of that revenue with the user. Users can then actually make money with every email they send. The FEE based solution cost only $50/year/user and they control 100% of the WRAP and can make it as conservative or liberal as they want to. All can make unlimited WRAPS in the included WRAPmaker.

 All links in a WRAP are tracked so the users can find out who is clicking on what and when (also available in real time via email or SMS).

If you use Microsoft Outlook for example then I am sure you have received many mass emails where you do NOT see the images but must “rick-click and download images”. This does NOT happen with WRAPmail as we embed the images with the email, no RED X. Yes, we do also have a mass email solution utilizing the very same technology.

Yes, we took the path less traveled but it seemed a very obvious one.

The basic idea behind WRAPmail is to utilize the facts that almost everyone have websites, social network site(s) and also send emails every day. These emails can become complete marketing tools and help promote, brand, sell and cross-sell in addition to drive traffic to the website and conduct research. WRAPmail is available for free (with 3rd party ads) or for a small license fee at No routines change as users simply download a toolbar or routes emails via Google or WRAPmail’s servers.

WRAPmail also helps search for missing children with every email sent by free users incorporating an RSS feed from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children – see


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WrapMail helps companies “wrap” already existing email traffic that leaves from employees every day. All of these emails go to a captive audience (Vendors, Customers, Prospects and Friends/Family) but they do not promote the senders business…. Learn More

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