WRAPmail (OTC: WRAP) Announces Integration with Salesforce.com (NYSE: CRM)

Fort Lauderdale, March 18, 2013

WrapMail, Inc. (WRAP) announced today that it has modified it’s toolbar for Google Chrome users to also be compatible with Salesforce.com CRM.

WRAPmail has developed toolbars for “WRAPPING” regular emails in corporate or personal email stationery for Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Safari. From before these toolbars are compatible with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Microsoft Live/Outlook/Hotmail, GoDaddy and Keller Williams webmail.

“Salesforce.com has over 100,000 customers and now all these users can also use WRAPmail and stay with the interface they are used to” says Rolv E. Heggenhougen, CEO of WRAPmail. “WRAPmail’s Google Chrome toolbar integrates directly with the Salesforce.com CRM dashboard so users can have their one-on-one or email campaigns wrapped in an interactive email letterhead. These letterheads, which surrounds the body-text, will have images with embedded, trackable links and thus make every email more attractive and also drive more traffic to the respective websites” concludes Heggenhougen.

Salesforce.com is #1 worldwide for Software as a Service and Cloud Software 2011. Source: IDC, Worldwide Software as a Service and Cloud Software 2012-2016 Forecast and 2011 Vendor Shares, Aug. 2012. According to www.salesforce.com: Salesforce.com is the enterprise cloud computing leader. Our social and mobile cloud technologies—including our flagship sales and CRM applications—help companies connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways.

About WRAPmail:

The idea behind WRAPmail is to utilize the facts that almost everyone have websites, social network site(s) and also send emails every day. These emails can become complete marketing tools and help promote, brand, sell and cross-sell in addition to drive traffic to the website and conduct research. WRAPmail is available for free (with 3rd party ads) or for a small license fee. WRAPmail has also released solutions that automatically create interactive email stationery based on a user’s Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ profile.

No routines change as users simply download a toolbar or routes emails via Google or WRAPmail’s servers. WRAPmail users can also create ads to place in other (free) users emails.


WRAPmail also helps search for missing children with every email sent by free users incorporating an RSS feed from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children – see http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rolv-e-heggenhougen/finding-missing-children_b_1540866.html

Latest news from WRAPmail: http://www.wrapmail.com/news.html

WRAPmail’s revenue models are Advertising Revenue through our own Ad Network where users can advertise in other user’s emails (predominantly in the free user’s emails), license fees from ad-free and Enterprise clients, custom WRAP design (free if the user uses WRAPmail’s built-in WRAPmaker), per mail sent fee for email campaigns and Premium licensed Sports Team and Celebrity WRAP Sales to Fans.

WRAPmail is a Google Apps vendor and also compatible with Google Analytics.

WRAPmail also offers an automated solution where users can sign up with their Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ account and have a WRAP automatically created based on their profile.

Sign up for WRAPmail at http://pro.wrapmail.com/signup/agreement.asp.

WRAPmail toolbars and other instructions are found here: http://www.wrapmail.com/setup.html

Furthermore, WRAPmail helps search for missing children with every email sent by free users by incorporating an RSS feed from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children – see Huffington Post article by clicking here.

Forward looking statements and risks and uncertainties

Matters discussed in this press release contain forward-looking statements. The words “anticipate,” “believe,” “estimate,” “may,” “intend,” “expect,” and similar expressions identify such forward-looking statements.  Expected, actual results, performance, or achievements could differ materially from those contemplated, expressed, or implied by the forward-looking statements contained herein. Forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to, risks and uncertainties associated with, among other things, the impact of economic, competitive, and other factors affecting our operations, markets, products, and performance.    The matters discussed herein should not be construed in any way, shape or manner of our future financial condition or stock price.  For more complete information regarding our business and financial condition, you may access our filings at otcmarkets.com.  

WRAPmail Investor Relations:


Phone: (415) 938-7978



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