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WRAPmail ($WRAP) releases over 200 new email templates

WRAPmail has today released over 200 new email templates or premade themes as we call them. In the WRAPmaker, which is part of any WRAPmail user’s dashboard, users can now easily pick a theme, add their social networks, personal image, text and unique link and make a WRAP in a minute. Users also have the option to create a unique WRAP from scratch.

Themes are available for:

17 Mai, 5LINX, Accountants Certified Public, ACN, Advocare, Affiliate WRAP, Agriculture, Alterations Clothing, Ambit Energy, American Restaurants, Amway, Antiques, Apartments, Arbonne, Architect, Architecture, Attorneys, Auto Insurance, Auto Repair Service, Automobile Parts Supplies, Autumn, Avon, Backgrounds, Banks, Barbers, Barn, Baseball, Basketball, Beach, Beauty Salons, beyond organic, Bird, Brake Repair, Broward College, Cable Satellite Television, Car Dealers, Carpet Rug Cleaners, Cat, Caterers, Cellular Telephone Service, Century 21, Child Care, China, Chinese Restaurants, Christmas Day, Church, Cinco de Mayo, Coldwell Banker, Columbus Day, Columbus Day, Computer Equipment Dealers, Counseling Services, Cow, Credit Debt Counseling, Criminal Law Attorneys, Dancing  , Dancing Instruction, Day, Day Care Centers Nurseries, Day Spas, Dental Clinics, Dentists, Dog, Driving Instruction, Dry Cleaners Laundries, Easter, Electric Companies, Electricians, ERA, Eyeglasses, Family Law Attorneys, Farm, Farmhouse, Fast Food Restaurants, Ferret, Field, Fish, Florists, Football, Forever Living, Four Seasons, Free Life, Furniture Stores, Gas Companies, General Contractors, Gift Shops, GNLD, Grocery Train, Hair Stylists, Halloween, Hamster, Handyman Services, Happy Easter, Hardware Stores, Harvesting, Health Clubs, Health Diet Food Products, Herbalife, Hockey, Home Improvements, Horse, Horse, Hospitals, House, House Cleaning, I am a WRAPPER, Illustration and Painting, Independence Day, Insurance, Isagenix, IwowWe, Juice Plus, Keller Williams, Kwanzaa, Labor Day, Lamborghini Energy Drink, Landscape, Landscape Contractors, Landscaped, Landscaping Lawn Services, Lawn Maintenance, Legal Shield, Leif Erikson Day, Lifepharm Global Network, Lifewave, Lightyear Wireless, LR Health & Beauty, Major Appliance Parts, Mannatech, Mardi Gras, Market America, Martial Arts Instruction, Martin Luther King Day, Massage Therapists, Meadow, Medical Clinics, Medical Equipment Supplies, Melaleuca, Memorial Day, Mexican Restaurants, Mill, Monavie, Morning, Mortgages, Mountain, Mountains, MPB Today, Mufflers Exhaust Systems, Nail Salons, Natura, Nature, Nature’s Sunshine, New Year’s Day, Neways, Night, Nikken, Norway, NOVA Southeastern, Nurse, NuSkin, Office Equipment Supplies, Oktoberfest, One Sotheby’s, Optical Goods, Optometrists, Oriflame, Painting  , Painting Contractors, Payday Loans, Personal Injury Law Attorneys, Peru, Pet Boarding Kennels, Pet Grooming, Pharmacies, Photographers Portrait, Photography, Physical Therapy Clinics, Physicians, Pizza, Plumbers, President’s Day, Printing Services, Prudential, Psychologists, Rabbit, Ranch, RAP, RE/MAX, Real Estate Agents, Recycling Centers, Restaurants, Road, Roofing Contractors, Rosh Hashanah, Rural Scene, Scenics, Sculpturing, Season, Send Out Cards, Shaklee, Sheep, Shipping Services, Skiing, Skyline, Snow, Soccer, Social Networks, Social Outbreak, Space, Spas Hot Tubs, Sporting Goods, Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Stella & Dot, Summer, Sun, Sunlight, Sunrider, Sunrise, Sunset, Synergy, Tahitian Noni, Take Out Restaurants, TalkFusion, Taxis, Thanksgiving Day, Tire Dealers, Travel Agencies, Tree, Truck Rental, Tupperware, Urgent Care, USA, Usana, Valentine’s Day, Valley, Veterans Day, ViralPrint, Visalus, Weather, Window Tinting, Windows, Windshield Repair, Winter, Wireless Communication, Xango, Yom Kippur

The basic idea behind WRAPmail is to utilize the facts that almost everyone have websites, social network site(s) and also send emails every day. These emails can become complete marketing tools and help promote, brand, sell and cross-sell in addition to drive traffic to the website and conduct research. WRAPmail is available for free (with 3rd party ads) or for a small license fee at No routines change as users simply download a toolbar or routes emails via Google or WRAPmail’s servers.

WRAPmail also helps search for missing children with every email sent by free users incorporating an RSS feed from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children – see


Toolbars are available to use WRAPmail with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL and Microsoft Outlook. Users of other email platforms can route their emails through WRAPmail’s servers or use the built-in webmail feature in the WRAPmail dashboard.

Advertising Network:

WRAPmail has earlier released its own advertising network  where users can advertise in other user’s emails. The concept is a mix between similar models from Facebook and Google but the difference is our focus is email and not websites. An advertiser can have a free account and there’s no usage requirement to become an advertiser. Advertisers simply create their ad in the WRAPmail Dashboard; pick City, State, Country and/or Industry of other users for placement of ads.

Sign up for WRAPmail with Facebook

New users can now sign up in a few seconds using their Facebook data by simply clicking on the Facebook signup from our home page. The direct link is:

Affiliate Network

Free Affiliate program:

All users get can sign up for the free affiliate program (signup is under the Affiliate tab in the dashboard) and get 10% lifetime commission on:

  • Ad revenue from ads displayed in their emails
  • Any new PRO+ signups ($5/user/year commission)
  • Any Enterprise signups ($350/year plus $4/user/year commission)

Super affiliate program:

$60/year gets super affiliates 25% lifetime commission on:

  • Ad revenue from ads displayed in their emails
  • Any new PRO+ signups ($12.50/user/year commission)
  • Any Enterprise signups ($875/year + $10/user/year commission)
  • New affiliate signups ($15/year commission)

Plus 10% of Ad revenue from ads displayed in the emails from users signed up with the super affiliate code. WRAPmail also has an API for affiliates so they easily can have their contacts sign up for WRAPmail.

WRAPmail is a publicly traded company under the symbol WRAP


Shop to Earn signs on with WrapMail

Shop to Earn/Shop to Earth has signed an agreement with WrapMail for a custom solution of WrapMail Lite for Shop to Earn distributors. Shop to Earn has about 150,000 distributors and growing rapidly, all existing and new distributors will be offered the WrapMail solution at a monthly charge (or discounted annual charge). This custom solution will have the following features:

* Complete web-based email system

* Custom Shop to Earn templates

* Individual customization where users can upload their own image, text and unique links to be implemented in the wrap

* Immediate Click tracking (Alert folder) and custom reporting

* POP3 and SMTP option so users can send/receive from email clients such as Outlook, Mac Mail, Cell phones etc

Every Shop to Earn distributor has a unique website and, like all professionals, send emails every day to clients, prospects, friends and family. Using WrapMail’s solution will glue together their unique website with these daily emails. The effect is that every email they send anyway now becomes part of their marketing, driving traffic to their website and giving valuable research as recipients click on various parts of the wrap.

Launch of WrapMail Lite for MLM, Network Marketing and other independent professionals

WrapMail has just launched WrapMail Lite. The offering is quite simple:

A complete web-based email system where users when they sign up pick their affiliation, type in their unique URL and pay either monthly ($4.95) or annually ($49.50). Templates are already in the system for YTB, Intelatrader and Dubai MLM – within 2 weeks there will be templates for the 25 most popular MLM’s. The templates can be personalized with the distributors image and two lines of text (name and number for example). The wrap that will surround every email sent will already contain the users unique link (embedded to avoid the RED X) so that they are credited if someone clicks and becomes a new rep or customer.

Shop to Earn wrap example

Shop to Earn wrap example

The system comes with both “Instant Click Alert” – this is an email telling the user who just clicked on the users wrap, real time. These clicks also get accumulated in a click report sortable my dates.

The economic times have Networking Marketing grwing very rapidly as many look for alternative revenue streams. WrapMail Lite offers a solution that markets the MLM and the user’s specific link(s) with every email they send.

Network Marketing Groups that WrapMail will have templates from within about 2 weeks:

1. Herbalife 10. Melaleuca 19. Tastefully Simple
2. Mary Kay 11. Party Lite 20. Nuskin
3. Amway 12. Longaberger (tie) 21. Ameriplan
4. Arbonne 12. Mia Bella (Scent Sations)
5. Pampered Chef 12. Amsoil (tie) 23. Southern Living at Home
6. Quixtar 15. Stampin Up 24. Passion Parties
7. Xango (tie) 16. Prepaid Legal 25. Eniva
7. USANA (tie) 17.Shaklee 26. FreeLife
9. Creative Memories 18. Isagenix

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