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Hotel Bristol Stephanie in Brussels signs on with WrapMail

Today Hotel Bristol Stephanie became the first hotel in the Thon Hotels chain to sign on with WrapMail.

WrapMail for Hotels

Your employees send e-mails everyday but none of the e-mails promote your business! This is what WrapMail does, and we do it without changing any routines on the desktop. With WrapMail every employee and every external email promotes your business and has links to your web-site built in. ALL recipients of e-mails either go on rooms or know someone who does! There is no limit to the number of Wraps that can be used and they can change based upon sender, recipient, time, rotation or subject (to name a few variables).

There are many ways WrapMail will help you grow your business with minimum effort, just taking advantage of all communications that your employees send every day:

• Promote the Hotel in general (build Brand Equity)
• Promote each location
• For people who have booked a room there could be a special wrap with more information about the room and location (could include upgrade offers, special items for sale in the hotel from the boutiques or otherwise, spa-bookings, beauty salon bookings, excursions, etc)
• For people who have used the Hotel before there could be a special Wrap with offers for future stays, these could be timed to correspond with the time of year when they last needed a room (vacation)
• Introduce a friend via a wrapped email, could be done with a clickable link
• Travel agents could receive a special wrap or wraps (this could of course be in different languages based upon travel agent location)
• Wrap replies to e-mail inquiries promoting exactly what the prospect is inquiring about, as well as upgrades and special offers.
• Seasonal offers can be Wrapped in seasonal Wraps.
• Wrap-rules based upon clicks: WrapMail builds databases based upon clicks from recipients! Example: if people click on a Spanish flag in a Wrap, WrapMail has the intelligence to Wrap the next e-mail sent to that e-mail recipient in a Spanish Wrap. Similarly, should a recipient click on a certain hotel in a Wrapped e-mail, the next e-mail they receive can be Wrapped with marketing information about that hotel.
• Drawings and contests can be part of a Wrap, encouraging recipients to click to be entered into a contest (they could be encouraged through the contest entry click to take part in a survey that might ask “When do you plan to take your vacation and where?”).
• Emails from hotel guests could be wrapped in Hotel promotion
• 3rd party advertising is possible in the Wrap, the WrapMail customer could turn WrapMail into a revenue generator by allowing ads for local business, rental cars, airlines etc.

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• Ability to include 3rd party advertising

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