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Email marketing ‘to see increased investment’

Email marketing and customer relationship management on demand will be among the largest program allocations by technology companies by 2010, it has been claimed.

Research carried out by IT industry analyst IDC indicates there is currently a gap between what is being communicated to an audience and what consumers require.

The group added that with restricted marketing budgets and a continued focus on efficiency, effectiveness and return on investment, technology marketers and sales now need to focus on tactics that yield results.

Laura Nurzynski, group vice president of IDC’s global go-to-market and sales enablement services, commented: “Reaching the right target, at the right time, with the right information is critical to marketing and sales program success.”

Ms Nurzynski went on to say this requires coordination across the entire go-to-market chain, from market research to how the sales team is enabled.

Earlier this week, e-commerce advice group FuelNet claimed global firms are increasingly turning to email marketing in an attempt to attract and retain customers while cutting advertising spend.

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