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WrapMail featured in the Smart Selling Tools for Inside Sales 2010 ebook by Josiane Feigon and Nancy Nardin

WrapMail is featured in the Smart Selling Tools for Inside Sales 2010 ebook by Josiane Feigon and Nancy Nardin just released today. Free download here.
From the book:
Wrapmail ( is a dynamic, interactive letterhead that is wrapped around every external email and
linked to your website. WrapMail surrounds the text with a frame containing images and embedded links, turning every
email into a sales tool that helps brand market the company and promote products and services.
Why WrapMail is an essential inside sales tool
WrapMail offers a solution that does not require any installation but that seamlessly adds interactive letterheads
(designed by the client) to every outgoing email so that each and every one becomes a promotional piece for the company
and when clicked delivers the reader to the website. Furthermore the solution tracks the clicks and reports who is
clicking on what and when (also in real time), turning the system into a research tool.
How WrapMail fits into the sales cycle and increases revenues
· Get the corporate message out. Wrapmail is a perfect partnering tool that helps sales representatives help
Marketing get the corporate message out.
· Wraps are trackable. WrapMail’s wraps are also tracking, giving invaluable data back to both sales and Marketing.
An “Immediate Click Alert” tells you who has just clicked on what link.
How to implement WrapMail
This “hidden” advertising medium is probably the most viral available and the least costly. WrapMail costs $5 per user
per month, plus a onetime $150 signup charge that includes a free custom wrap.
Ÿ To implement WrapMail, just SIGN UP.
Ÿ For more information, visit our website at or email us at

WrapMail is a finalist for the South Florida Business Journal’s 2009 Technology Awards

WrapMail, Inc. has been selected as a finalist for the South Florida Business Journal’s 2009 Technology Awards in the Interactive Marketing category.

The Technology Awards was created to honor the area’s best technology-based companies, the CEOs or CIOs leading the way, and the companies making the best use of a technology in South Florida. We looked for growing startup companies, trend-setting innovations, products and services to highlight. Our judging team – led by our editorial department, along with Mark Smith, COO of 3Cinteractive; Mark Wyllie, executive director of InternetCoast; Travis Berger, VP and president-elect of the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association; and Chris Burgio, president of the South Florida Technology Alliance – selected three outstanding finalists in each category from the scores of nominations received.

On Nov. 5, WrapMail, Inc. and all of the finalists will be honored at a special awards luncheon at Jungle Island, at 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, in Miami.

Inexpensive email Marketing

Times are tough, there is no doubt about it.  Hopefully, all of the companies out there cutting back are not doing so in their marketing departments, because in a down economy you MUST continue to communicate with your customers and prospects.  WrapMail is based on the premise that companies have employees that send emails.  These are emails that are 1) going to be sent anyway (i.e. the email that confirms a meeting for instance) and 2) company assets.  In other words, that email is or should be of business nature, is sent using the corporate email address and is therefore ‘owned’ by the company, it’s an asset.  


Existing Asset - Monetized

Existing Asset - Monetized

Think of all the building owners in Times Square, do you think they were built with those billboards and signs on it?  No, they had an asset, the exterior walls, and they monetized it by either advertising for themselves or a 3rd party.  WrapMail is the same concept.  You own the email, you might as well put it to work for you beyond just being a means to communicate – use it to cross sell, brand, inform, research and go viral.

WrapMail costs $5 per user per month.  For most any business, big or small, it should be a minimal expense, but more importantly, it puts an existing asset to work.  All hands on deck!

Wrap it up…

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

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WrapMail helps companies “wrap” already existing email traffic that leaves from employees every day. All of these emails go to a captive audience (Vendors, Customers, Prospects and Friends/Family) but they do not promote the senders business…. Learn More

Why WrapMail?

• Make every employee a marketer

• Professional appearance

• Brand with every email

• Profiling & tracking

• Introduce new products and services

• Cross promote and up-sell

• Increase traffic to your website

• Instant surveys

• Ability to include 3rd party advertising

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