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WRAPmail CEO interviewed at National Investment Bankers Association Conference

Toshiba Business Solutions signs on with WrapMail

Toshiba Business Solutions (TBS) has today signed up with WrapMail to use WrapMail’s Enterprise Solution. WrapMail will install its propritary software in TBS’s datacenter and initially TBS will use WrapMail for 750 employees accross North America. The Enterprise solution includes the WrapMaker (Patent Pending) where TBS can make an unlimited amount of wraps (a “wrap” is a dynamic and interactive letterhead for regular emails) and further set rules as far as who will be using what wrap when, either individually, by department or rotation. Furthermore the solution includes full tracking of the interactive elements of the wraps by sender, recipient, subject and  timestamps. WrapMail Enterpise also includes a campaign module where TBS can upload email lists and send campaign style emails to a large audience. As with all WrapMail’s solutions nothing will be installed on any desktop/laptop computer or cell phone and no routines change as far as the senders are concerned. WrapMail’s solution is one where all emlements are embedded in the email itself (images and links) and thus these show up on the recipients end without images being blocked and having to be downloaded. WrapMail is compatible with Google Analytics.

Example of what a TBS wrap could look like:

Toshiba Business Solutions Florida wrap example

Toshiba Business Solutions Florida wrap example

Toshiba Business Solutions will now be able to take advantage of the facts that they have web pages and employees that send external emails every day anyway. WrapMail enables every email and every sender to become part of TBS’s marketing effort and the esitmated number of branding impressions for 750 senders is about 75,000 per month according to WrapMail’s statistics. Statistics further show that 5-10% of these emails will result in a click and thus a visit to a TBS web page. We all send emails every day, with WrapMail senders now inform the reciving audience via images, text and links of all the products and services the senders company has to offer.

The Power of a Simple Idea

6 days ago we posted a video pitch on the pitch section of TechCrunch, which is one of the most read blogs on the internet.  Today, our pitch is the highest rated on TechCrunch. I believe it is the highest rated because of the power of “the simple idea.” In the years before email, corporations ALWAYS sent external written correspondence on stationery, which of course included a logo and contact information.  

Fast forward to the days of corporate email and there are currently billions of corporate email users sending out trillions of emails that are essentially on blank sheets of paper. Think about that.  Imagine you are corporation and you send an introductory letter to a prospect and you send it on a plain white sheet of paper. Wow, that’s pretty memorable…I mean forgettable.  Yes, some email users include a logo in their signature, but c’mon this is the 21st century we’re more high-tech than that aren’t we?  

WrapMail takes that blank email from every employee and turns it into a branded piece of collateral and is linked back to your website.  The links are clickable and trackable which means that corporations now have their very own research tool as part of every email that is sent from every employee.  Mind you, these are emails that are going to be sent anyway, might as well put them to work.

Interactive letterhead for your email.  Simple.


Dave Kustin – EVP Marketing, WrapMail

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