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No More Old School Emails

Hi All – check out the article that ran in the Broward College newspaper.  Yes, we are still at it – building the first ever ad network using college emails.  Yes, we are working closely with Google to make this happen as Broward College has made WrapMail a top requirement for their new student email system.  Yes, the students love the idea…read on:


Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

German, French and Japanese for NuSkin

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WrapMail & NuSkin in Eight Languages. Wow.

WrapMail now has Wraps in 8 languages for NuSkin distributors including: Spanish, Finnish, Danish, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese and English.  WrapMail Lite has been live for a few weeks and the response has been great. We will be launching a new and improved interface for that system in the next week as well.  Here are images of the new NuSkin Wraps:

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Wrap it up!

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

Email Blows Away All Other Social Networks

Email Blows Away All Other Social Networks
by Max Kalehoff, Friday, January 4, 2008, 12:31 PM

With the explosive excitement and high valuations of Facebook and the like, it’s time to take a step back and acknowledge the mother of all social networks: email. Yes, plain-vanilla email.

Sure, a few of the big social networks have really taken off recently, but email is still by far the dominant and most practical platform for social connections. A recent Pew Internet & American Life Project survey found that 91% of Internet users between the ages of 18 and 64 send or read e-mail, far more than any social network.

In fact, email is so dominant that it’s the single open-source backbone of nearly every social network. Think about it: Most social networks require your email address to sign up. Then they try to upload your email address book in order to communicate with your contacts. I can’t think of a social network I belong to that doesn’t ask me for my email address every time I log in. In fact, I find myself turning off the default email notifications in most social networks I sign up for!

There’s a lot of hoopla about email losing relevance with younger generations, and therefore heading toward extinction. Baloney. The fact is that kids’ primary communication devices are mobile, not computers optimized for email. Therefore they use those devices’ best application: SMS and voice. But once kids graduate, take on business responsibilities and (many) sit in front of a PC all day long, email becomes a hard fact of life. Scott Karp at noted that “Most people over 30 don’t have many (or any) business or personal relationships that don’t involve communicating by email.” Scott also underscored Research In Motion, whose revenue rose year-over-year to $1.67 billion from $835.1 million — by selling email devices. There’s something to the social network known as email.

Now consider the natural, authentic and deeper social connections inherent in email. Steve Hodson, who blogs at, noted that his email connections “have risen up the ranks of the network over time and as such have more of a trust factor associated with them that you will never find elsewhere.” Actual writing, thoughtful interaction and more manual contact management lead to connections far more significant than superficial layers of distributed pokes and passive status feeds.

And as proof that social-networking dominance just might lie with email, the major Internet media companies have acknowledged plans to turn their email services into social networks. Saul Hansell reported on the New York Times Bits blog that “Yahoo and Google realize they have this information (email address books) and can use it to build their own services that connect people to their contacts.” Joe Kraus, who runs Google’s OpenSocial project, conceded “there are opportunities with iGoogle to make it more social. It is much easier to extend an existing habit than to create a brand.” Yahoo has been more forthcoming with its “Inbox 2.0.” I’m not sure of Microsoft, but it could have a hand at the table with its massive customer base across Hotmail, Exchange and Outlook.

Finally, considering my ongoing bout with Socialnetworkitis, I’m more thankful and bullish on email than ever before. I believe online social networks have a big future, and they’re a critical part of my personal and professional life today. But email still is the most reliable and manageable platform for social interaction. It is my default.

In the future, I hope the benefits of the latest wave of social networks will begin to merge seamlessly with the simplicity, compatibility and utility of email. That includes integrated profiling, information feeds, social-network analysis, privacy and controls. Of course, the big hurdle will be the ongoing fight against spam. Spammers may validate significance, but they’re also preventing email from becoming a truly great social network.

Will any social network ever become more important than email?

Social Networks + Email = WrapMail & Free Awesomeness

Following our latest  release of for MLM, real estate agents and eBay sellers, WrapMail now connects social networks with email –   WrapMail gives users the ability to drive traffic directly to their respective social network pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, personal blogs, etc…by including links and logos embedded in every email they send.  Here’s an example:


WrapMail is the first company in the world to successfully marry social networking elements and email.  MySpace has recently announced an email product, but it requires that you have a profile with them and will not allow for your other social network profiles to be included.

There are many themes for the top and bottom to choose from and more will be added every week.  There’s a logo library available of the world’s 25 largest social networks and common blogs.  Users can set a link for each logo and also upload their own images.  Four images show in each Wrap and if more than four are selected they will rotate with every email.  There is no cost for the service, which means this is free awesomeness.

logosOur pitch remains the same:  you have web pages and you send emails, WrapMail connects them and drives traffic to your pages and also tells you who is looking at what and when.  Simple.  Smart.  Be sure to join the “I’m a Wrapper” group on Facebook.

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

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