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Former President of Nortel Joins WrapMail Board

Past President of Nortel Networks North America Brings Significant Industry Experience to WrapMail

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — September 28, 2008 — WrapMail Inc., a global provider of innovative person-to-person email marketing software has announced that Dion Joannou, past President of Nortel Networks North America, has been named to WrapMail’s Board of Directors.

“Dion Joannou brings significant technology experience, knowledge and insight to WrapMail’s board,” said Rolv E. Heggenhougen, Chairman/CEO. “We are extremely excited to have Dion on our Board and look forward to working with him and benefiting from his contributions as we continue to grow our business globally.”

Over the course of 13 years at Nortel Networks, Joannou held a number of leadership positions in the Wireless and ATM/IP businesses culminating in being appointed as President of Nortel North America in August of 2005. While serving in that capacity until the end of August 2007, Joannou was responsible for overseeing 50% of Nortel’s revenues of between $5-$6 billion derived from both the enterprise and carrier markets.

Joannou holds a Bachelor of Arts – Marketing from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Miami in Miami, Florida.

Dion is also on the board of Dialogic a recent WrapMail client. Welcome to the team Dion!

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

John Walsh – We Can Help!!

I just completed a review of our blog stats and and came away with some interesting conclusions. Our blog stats are categorized a number of ways, two in particular are ‘top posts’ and ‘search terms.’ The latter being what terms are used to find our blog.  

Top Posts: The post that has been read the most is this one about missing kids which been read 117 times.  Second place? This one about the iPhone, which has been read 70 times. Yes, missing children is more relevant than the iPhone.

Search Terms: Again, these are the terms that people have used to find us through search engines.  There are many iterations that our blog has recorded, such as: missing kids, milk carton, missing kids milk carton, and so on. Upon adding up all the ‘missing kid’ related terms it amounted to 58.  The second most searched term was WrapMail at 29.

I think it’s pretty interesting that a company and blog which is dedicated to developing email marketing software would have missing kids as its hot button topic.  Or is it? Or is it so obvious that our software could be a groundbreaking tool in finding kids and criminals that people can’t see the forrest for the trees?  

Hence the title of this post – Mr. Walsh, we have tried to reach you about our software (unsuccesfully) and how we could help in your quest to find missing kids and criminals. Our software is so obvious in its simplicity in using the billions of emails as the ‘new milk carton’ to find missing kids. We are using ‘old’ tools to do this job when there are new one available.  We need to talk….

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

WrapMail Hits 10,000!!

10,000 views of our pitch on YouTube that is.  Well, 10,052 to be exact….and counting. That’s pretty cool. Ten thousand + people have viewed our pitch and now know what WrapMail is all about and hopefully “get it.”  Some people don’t of course, but that’s OK, some people didn’t “get” the automobile, personal computer, websites or even Twitter when they were launched. Wait, people still don’t get Twitter.  Or the winner of TechCrunch50, Yammer, a subscription based version of Twitter designed for businesses.  Watch our pitch here:

In other statistical but related news, WrapMail’s pitch is still number 1 on TechCrunch Pitches. We have 1,118 positive votes, 104 comments and have been in the pole position for months. We are beginning to question why TechCunch even launched the pitches section as they have not written word one about WrapMail, the number one voted company.  Every day we read about other startups on various tech blogs that have ZERO ways of generating revenue, yet we have multiple. Schonfeld, Arrington, you listening? Your readers have voted, now write!

It’s OK, we trudge on.  WrapMail continues to make tremendous strides in technical development, as well as on the business development front. We expect to announce a number of strategic partnerships in the coming months that will make it impossible for certain tech writers to not notice. Maybe we will talk to them 😉


Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

Millions of Unused Ad Impressions Part II

And so it begins….WrapMail is moving forward with Broward College to seek approval to have sponsorships appear in all outgoing student emails.  So far, approved brands include: Apple, Dell, Coke & HP. An official start date has yet to be determined. Potentially, what this means is, every time a student sends an email using their Broward College email address, it will be wrapped with a Broward College approved Wrap which will promote the college, and will have a portion of the Wrap dedicated to a sponsorship. This will be a groundbreaking development in the world of online sponsorship and communication.

Think about what the college is doing.  They have recently gone from being a community college to a four year degree granting institution and they will be using the IMMENSE email traffic from their students to 1) increase awareness about their new status, programs & degrees and 2) drive new revenue in a year full of budget cuts.  Cost for both – $0.  It gets even better, WrapMail will be sharing the revenue with the college.

We are still completing a full audit of email traffic but a recent 10 day review revealed roughly 500k emails, which is like having 500k visitors – the visitor being the person receiving the email.  If we were to extrapolate that over a year, just for fun, there would be 18,250,000 “visitors.”  And that’s one college (see this post). I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty exciting and once one college does this others will surely follow. Here is an example of what a Wrap could look like:

Possible Ad

Possible Ad - click for full size

Will some students rail against this? Sure. Are fewer students using email? Probably. But the stats don’t lie and everyone is a consumer. Whether these emails are going to professors, friends, family or future employers…all of them are consumers. To ease some of the possible resistance, the college will be engaging the students with tactics such as a Wrap design contest. So, as the title of this post no longer suggests, but now proves, there are millions of unused ad impressions – about 18 million to be exact.

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

Around the Wrap

Just a quick update on some WrapMail news and happenings.  WrapMail has had the good fortune of showing up on a number of blogs recently, here is a quick list and where appropriate, VOTE!!:





On the new client front, we had 40 new clients sign up during the month of August. One of those clients was GeneralSports Venue who is the distributor of the athletic playing surface AstroTurf and was recently featured in Inc.. Below is an image of their Wrap, which features their many product lines, as well as a link to Archie Manning who is their spokesperson. 

Wrap it up!

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

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