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Free WrapMail search for missing kids

We are pleased to tell the world that WrapMail has becomes free. The main reason we’re doing this is to help look for missing kids. Every single email sent by a WrapMail user will have an Amber Alert on the bottom which links to a site for more information. By making WrapMail free we expect a large increase in the number of users and the more users, the more emails are sent and the more impressions of the missing kids!

The signup will change, until it has sign up for free by using code: SOFIE and then enter dummy data in the credit card fields.

Here’s a sample of one of our wraps with an amber alert for Florida on the bottom:

Email Marketing does not have to mean only mass emails

Companies invest a great deal in their website which is often the only “store” where they showcase products and services. The challenge is to drive people to the website but as we all know, more people in the store will lead to more sales. Corporate employees send emails every day to clients, prospects, friends and others but these are plain emails that do not generate any traffic to the website.
WrapMail offers a solution that does not require any installation but that seamlessly adds interactive letterheads (designed by the client) to every outgoing email so that each and every one becomes a promotional piece for the company and when clicked delivers the reader to the website. Furthermore the solution tracks the clicks and reports who is clicking on what and when (also in real time), turning the system into a research tool.
This “hidden” advertising medium is probably the most viral available and the least costly, WrapMail only charges $5 per user per month.
Wrap in use by Toshiba in the US

WrapMail launches its first client in Bangkok

WrapMail today launched Royal Pacific as its first client in Bangkok. Royal Pacific will initially use WrapMail to brand and market “The Penthouse” which is its latest apartment development in downtown Bangkok.

Is a picture SPAM?

NO – a picture is NOT SPAM by itself. If somebody sends you a picture why would that be SPAM? SPAM is emails from people you do not know and typically either come from an impersonator or a “do-not-reply” email address.

Impersonation we can solve with sender verification such as SPF.

“Do-not-reply” is an oxymoron – why do you send me correspondence i cannot reply to – monologues are for soap boxes.

If an email from a friend goes to SPAM because it had a picture embedded the there’s something wrong with the filter.

When can we get to the day when WE decide what’s SPAM and what’s not – why do we have all these robotic filters making up our minds for us based upon such faulty logic?

The Rise OF The Email Marketer

We all know how prevalent emails are in today’s society. In the wireless world we live in we no longer communicate with spoken word, but instead have developed a language filled with phrases like LOL, OMG, TTYL, BRB, SYL. If you have any doubt emails are becoming our number one form of communication, just take a weeks vacation and compare how many you receive to the amount of voice mails you get. Everything in our world is being built with the ability to send messages. Our refrigerators send emails to the grocery store when we are low of milk. Our televisions are sent messages asking if we would like to subscribe to the latest movie channel. Even as we speak clothes are being designed with built in personal computers and wireless Internet access. It should come as no surprise then that a recent study confirms that the use of emails as a marketing tool is on the rise. Let’s take a look at just a few of the top reasons why more and more companies are turning to their inboxes to boost revenue:

  • With virtually everyone on this planet having at least one email address and the sales of Internet based retail companies such as soaring, email is estimated at generating more than 10% of sales. A number that is increasing every year.
  • Companies who are consistent with their email use and send more than one email a week to their customers are seeing online sales increases of over 25%
  • With such tried and true traditional forms of mass marketing such as flyer’s and mailouts no longer working, responses from emails have also increased dramatically
  • Costs are always a concern and among the many ways spent promoting a product, companies that took part in the survey said that using email to advertise their product accounted for less than 10% of their budget.

With more companies turning to email to help increase revenue every year, it’s easy to see why new applications such as WrapMail are being developed to help generate revenue. In addition to this while concerns of legal issues regarding spam are becoming of an issue for some, WrapMail has the unique characteristic of not registering as spam since it basically leaves the sender as company letterhead.

Spam filters are obsolete

SPAM or Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) is a common inconvenience for e-mail users. UBE-filters are supposed to catch problematic messages that the filter believes is unwanted for the end user. It would be an equivalent to having someone go through all your snail mail and then decide what you should get and what should go directly to trash. The UBE filters look for many different things such as key words, pictures, links and the combination thereof. The main problem with UBE is impersonation and the best solution on the market today is something called SPF (Sender Policy Framework), also known as Sender ID. SPF is a statement that resides in the domain record and ONLY the administrator of a domain can alter this statement, spammers can NOT! All leading UBE-filters look for the SPF statement and more and more emails are being deleted based upon the lack of such a statement.

The UBE-filters normally have a setting to detect the SPF but if this is not turned on then emails with, for example, a logo in the signature or several links in the text might get deleted or sent to UBE folder even though the sender is known and accepted to/by the recipient.

SPF is CRUCIAL for everyone in the immediate future as the lack thereof will lead to more and more emails NOT being delivered to the intended recipient and this WITHOUT notice to the sender! The bottom line is that nothing is perfect and nobody should trust mail or email 100% and it is therefore just plain common sense to follow up on important emails (actually a good reason to touch base is to ask ”did you get my email?”)

The world is moving towards more pictures and links in emails and thus it becomes of the utmost importance to ”authorize” the sender which the SPF statement does. 90+% of all spam is impersonation, easily detected by verifying the sender. Furthermore most spam today does NOT contain pictures but just text.

If we only verified that the sender is authentic then why have any filters that look for anything else? If an authentic sender starts sending junk then the human recipient can easily put the sender on their junk list as opposed to leaving that decision to a filter that works off faulty logic.

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