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Email Marketing does not have to mean only mass emails

Companies invest a great deal in their website which is often the only “store” where they showcase products and services. The challenge is to drive people to the website but as we all know, more people in the store will lead to more sales. Corporate employees send emails every day to clients, prospects, friends and others but these are plain emails that do not generate any traffic to the website.
WrapMail offers a solution that does not require any installation but that seamlessly adds interactive letterheads (designed by the client) to every outgoing email so that each and every one becomes a promotional piece for the company and when clicked delivers the reader to the website. Furthermore the solution tracks the clicks and reports who is clicking on what and when (also in real time), turning the system into a research tool.
This “hidden” advertising medium is probably the most viral available and the least costly, WrapMail only charges $5 per user per month.
Wrap in use by Toshiba in the US

WrapMail in Inc. Magazine

It’s a big day for us Wrappers as WrapMail has broken into a mainstream business publication – Inc. Magazine.  The concept of using everyday emails as a new advertising medium is clearly beginning to take hold.  Here is the article and link:

Sales & Marketing: E-Mails That Sell

Turning employee missives into ad campaigns

From: Inc. Magazine, May 2009 | By: Kasey Wehrum

The average employee sends about 38 e-mails a day. Could those be wasted marketing opportunities? That’s the thought that occurred to Sean Guerin, co-founder of U.S. Imaging Solutions, a Davie, Florida–based company that sells and services copiers and printers. Guerin decided to try WrapMail, a service that slips advertisements for his company’s products into the e-mails his 60 employees send to customers, vendors, and friends. Now, all of Guerin’s employees have become de facto members of the sales team just by keeping up with regular correspondence.

Several recently introduced products and services, including WrapMail, mailPrimer, BrandMail, and Exclaimer Signature Manager, offer these so-called e-mail enhancements. Prices and features vary, but they all take a company’s outgoing e-mail messages and turn them into marketing mailers, complete with stationery-style borders, banner ads to promote sales and new products, and embedded links. Or as WrapMail describes its service, “It’s like an e-mail signature on steroids.”

As the name suggests, WrapMail takes an outgoing e-mail message and wraps the borders in clickable images. Companies create banner ads, add them to a template, and specify which webpage should appear when someone clicks on an ad. Employees don’t need to install anything — the ads are automatically added after they hit Send. For companies with fewer than 200 employees, the service, which costs $5 per user per month, routes outgoing e-mail through WrapMail’s servers. For larger companies, it’s an additional $3,000 to install a WrapMail server on-site.

Guerin saw results right away. In the first week, someone who clicked on an e-mail banner ad bought an $8,000 printer. The e-mail in question? A reply Guerin had sent to a friend, saying he would attend a dinner party. Guerin’s friend forwarded the RSVP to the host, who happened to work at a photography studio that needed a new printer. Guerin was so impressed that he later joined WrapMail’s board.

There is some evidence to suggest that everyday e-mails make for a persuasive marketing platform. According to a survey by Forrester Research, 77 percent of people say they trust the information in e-mails sent from people they know. That ranks well above the 46 percent who trust what they read in newspapers. And whether or not recipients fully trust the ads in e-mails from acquaintances, they at least look at them. WrapMail claims that nearly all of the e-mails sent with its service get opened. A typical e-mail marketing newsletter, in contrast, is lucky to get a 50 percent open rate.

The e-mail ads may be especially effective in niche markets. Tim Davey, president of Global Marine Travel, an agency based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that arranges flights for people who work on oil rigs, cargo ships, and private yachts, says WrapMail helps the company target its marketing efforts. Because airlines offer these workers special discounts through Global Marine, the company doesn’t widely publicize its promotions. “We spend about 50 percent of our time turning down people who aren’t qualified to use these fares,” says Davey. About 24 of Global Marine’s 78 employees get ads placed on outgoing messages — about 500 e-mails a month — to cruise-line executives, yacht owners, and other travel agencies. About half of all recipients click on the ads, says Davey.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to plastering e-mails with ads. The messages sometimes get tangled in spam filters. There are also concerns that the in-your-face ads will turn off customers. When WrapMail was mentioned on a tech blog recently, it drew some criticisms. “If I was regularly receiving e-mails with wraps…I would stop dealing with that company,” wrote one commenter. Another added, “Just what we need, more advertising to invade our personal space. Stay out of my inbox!”

WrapMail allows each recipient to opt out of the ads and receive just normal, plain-text e-mails. And a company can omit the ads for contacts who receive frequent e-mails. But Guerin isn’t worried about his ads getting on people’s nerves. “You can’t hit people over the head hard enough when it comes to making them aware of the products you offer,” he says.

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Wrap it up!

Dave Kustin, CMO – WrapMail

Toshiba Business Solutions signs on with WrapMail

Toshiba Business Solutions (TBS) has today signed up with WrapMail to use WrapMail’s Enterprise Solution. WrapMail will install its propritary software in TBS’s datacenter and initially TBS will use WrapMail for 750 employees accross North America. The Enterprise solution includes the WrapMaker (Patent Pending) where TBS can make an unlimited amount of wraps (a “wrap” is a dynamic and interactive letterhead for regular emails) and further set rules as far as who will be using what wrap when, either individually, by department or rotation. Furthermore the solution includes full tracking of the interactive elements of the wraps by sender, recipient, subject and  timestamps. WrapMail Enterpise also includes a campaign module where TBS can upload email lists and send campaign style emails to a large audience. As with all WrapMail’s solutions nothing will be installed on any desktop/laptop computer or cell phone and no routines change as far as the senders are concerned. WrapMail’s solution is one where all emlements are embedded in the email itself (images and links) and thus these show up on the recipients end without images being blocked and having to be downloaded. WrapMail is compatible with Google Analytics.

Example of what a TBS wrap could look like:

Toshiba Business Solutions Florida wrap example

Toshiba Business Solutions Florida wrap example

Toshiba Business Solutions will now be able to take advantage of the facts that they have web pages and employees that send external emails every day anyway. WrapMail enables every email and every sender to become part of TBS’s marketing effort and the esitmated number of branding impressions for 750 senders is about 75,000 per month according to WrapMail’s statistics. Statistics further show that 5-10% of these emails will result in a click and thus a visit to a TBS web page. We all send emails every day, with WrapMail senders now inform the reciving audience via images, text and links of all the products and services the senders company has to offer.

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