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30 New Accounts in October

Not a record month, but still very good.  That’s 30 new companies representing hundreds of employees sending thousands of wrapped emails every day instead of plain black on white ones.  I am beginning to think of wrapped emails as being ‘PROACTIVE’ versus ‘PASSIVE’ or ‘ELECTRIC’ versus ‘ACOUSTIC.’  Whatever the analogy, wrapped emails do something – they inform, brand, conduct research, up sell, cross sell – they are an extension of your staff. I can’t think of another marketing/communication tool that is as active and subtle at the same time as WrapMail.

Wrap on…


Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

Intellectual property protection

Every company should strive for the development of propriety technology, processes or products which are often supported with patents. This is especially true for those that operate in a commodity driven business. Thankfully WrapMail does not operate in a commodity business and is alone in a $60BB market.  That of course does not mean we have not pursued our own set of patents, one of which is for the WrapMaker.  We have filed a patent for the WrapMaker which is the main tool for our customers to implement their own Wraps.  Customers can use the templates to upload their own images, resize and crop them, add hotspots for links.  Beyond that, customers can rotate all of their Wraps, create a sender specific Wrap, create group specific Wraps and even insert an RSS feed into every wrapped email.  Yes, very cool.

What is really cool about this, is the fact that we have something that the ‘big boys’ of technology will not have.  This is even the case for our free email version which will further distinguish us from Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and the like.  And as emails move closer and closer to inclusion of HTML, not only will our image embedding technology make us attractive, which also is patent pending, so will our WrapMaker.

Needless to say, we look forward to negotiating a license of our technology 😉

Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

College eMail Advertising Network is Shaping up

WRAPedu to be specific, which is the name of our new division that will be focusing on the development of the College eMail Advertising Network. We are still waiting for final, final legal approval from Broward College, but in the meantime, we have met with two other South Florida colleges, both of which have a student body of around 25,000.  Further, we have a meeting next month with another South Florida college that has a total of 160,000 students at all of their campuses.  Wow.

All of the colleges thus far have shown a great deal of interest in the program for a number of reasons and we expect to add one of these schools, at a minimum, within the next 60 days. It is amazing how this program has all the makings for everyone to win.  The colleges will have an extremely targeted and effective tool to promote themselves AND will realize new revenue at no cost, advertisers will be able to reach the desirable 18-24 year old demographic, students will receive special offers and coupons. And finally, WrapMail will generate revenue and the creation of an entirely new type of display advertising business.  Win, win, win.

Another element that is beginning to take shape here is the specific demographics that may be derived from the student bodies.  For example, one of the colleges we recently met with has a significant number of students that are in graduate school.  Another school has a substantial Hispanic student population.  Given that a large number of the emails are student-to-student, this opens the window for even more targeted offers/advertising.  Advertisers like that.  A lot.

We will be launching very soon with more information, so stay tuned!

Dave Kustin – WrapMail, CMO

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